Tuesday, May 4, 2010

College: Orientation

So I've been dreading college...
And for good reasons.

College orientation today.

Our head of academic performance, Ms Va Nee mentioned about bottleneck deadlines and took an example of 10 assignments or so at a shot... I have a very bad feeling that was warning me that my procrastination problem has to be solved. FAST.

But other than that, we were brain-washed with briefings and video speeches ingraining that we made the right choice going to One Academy.

Well, they'd better be damn well right.
My parents had to vomit quite a hefty sum for their courses...

There's a big gaping hole for tomorrow's intenary. O:
Sports attire suggests torture to ensue... Oh dear.

P.S. Joanna, let's go shopping sooooooooooooooon D: