Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Thing About Hair.

The Thing About MY Hair.

The one thing people would know me (or rather, remember me) by would most likely go by the lines of:

"Theeeeeere, that girl. The one with the short, curly hair?"
(Which is only second to the adjective 'plump' and vice versa.)

Yes, the keratin that was laid to rest upon my head has definitely not been kind to me whatsoever, howsoever.
If I could give them all a second death, I WOULD.

It's amazing how they can frustrate me to no end, no matter how well I treat them.
Well, as far as I'm concerned, how well I TRY to treat them.

Palmolive, Rejoice, Pantene, Head & Shoulders...

Each and every follicle seem to throw a Hairography episode when they find out it's something new, and foof.
They stand their ground (literally), enraged in their refusal to be tamed.
They especially enjoy going bazookas after getting drenched in sweat or humidity and severing contact with a much loved pillow.
Ah yes, the woes of many hair-bearers, you might say.

You're lucky you're not me then.

Before you start that lecture on straightening my hair and all doodeedums related to that, you should know that I -have- experimented with that before.
And that I won't be doing it again because:
1. It's pricey to maintain.
2. DAMN, does it hurt. Washing my singed scalp that last days are not my cup of tea.
3. I didn't like the part where it didn't feel... Me.

So yeah, as much as I could whine my head off with how utterly intolerant my hair can be,
I can say, as ironic as this may seem,
That I actually also rather like my curly hair (for now).

Yes, I admit it.

My hair stands for what I really am, in my physiology and, to a certain extent, my personality.
Crazy, fun-loving and... Wild? XD;

Zi-Lynn and I have tried looking for solutions to tame screwed-up curls and I just don't understand why it all has to resolve to STRAIGHTENING, REBONDING or RELAXING hair.
I mean, what's so relaxing about a hot iron and chemicals trying to pull you out into something you're not?!


My hair and I,
It's a love-hate relationship :/