Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Bumbling Proud (Grand)Mother Syndrome :)

Once again, I'm feeling that bumbling pride of a proud mother (or should I say, grandmother) for my dearest marchers, for nabbing the gold TWICE in a row now!

Despite only coming 3 times to help you guys... I had fun.
(Yes, instilling fear seems to be a inevitable hobby of mine at times like these ;)

Congratulations you lot!!
Let's see how far this tradition carries on, eh?

And FINALLY, at LONG LAST, after years and years and YEARS of pure diligence, hope, faith and that never-give-up fighting spirit;


I'm just wee little bummed that it didn't happen our year... But eh. Some things just can't be helped.
Like, the judging for a few PARTICULAR events... Which led to very... Surprising results, so to speak. Perhaps the spectrum of the future is a little more narrow-minded for most than we thought..

Well, tough luck. There's always next year, no? : )

Ah... How I miss the sportsmanship and togetherness of lending a hand to make another Sports Day to remember by.
Being sunburnt, voiceless and mostly pooped out... (Oh wait.)
Being in school...
Guess letting go of school's pretty hard when you've had nothing to do but to bum around most of the time :/

Did I mention how my family was gonna get a new addition soon? :D