Thursday, April 8, 2010

So She Came and She Went...

So as some of you might know, Sayuri-chan, whose family hosted me whilst I was having the time of my life in Japan, took a huge chunk of her Spring break to claim herself a Youth Exchange Student and pay me a visit all the way down here!

(Well technically, she -wasn't- a YE but the title -could- be considerably considered because I went there to squat with her family and... She's returning the favour? :D



I was super impressed by how this 16-year-old kid braved the things called 'airports' and 'gates' and 'airplane rides' alone...

I'd imagine she felt REALLY lonely though... Because boy. Did WE make a commotion at the receiving gate...


Anyway, I'll let the pictures do the talking for now :)

And a lot more of our mini adventure here!

Just as she had shown me her world, I had shown her mine,
And learnt a whole lot more about it :)

This mini-holiday we took was a real eye-opener.
Home is where the heart is, and it's, unfortunately, gonna be stuck right here a looooong time.
Our culture is definitely something to be proud of; to treasure.
Not that I have taken it for granted before, I just realise it more than ever now :)
It's a part of me that I helplessly can't deny.

Proven true when I went to Japan.
The only type of food I ever had was, but of course, Japanese food.
Japanese, Japanese, Japanese.

You know lah, us: Once we get fed up of one type of food, we move on to the next.
But I was stuck with Japanese food. For 3 weeks straight.
I missed Indian banana leaf rice... Badly.
Not that I'm complaining that I had the -best- Japanese food yet.
My bowels were having the time of their lives. Toilet heaven come true...
(Aaah. Now I miss b-days.. )

Not only that, they're so... Honest.
They don't have any suspicions about you: doubts, fears... None.
They're so pure they'd make you want to cry out of guilt.
My mama kept reminding me that they were my family there... Always were, and always will be.


So this post is dedicated to you, kiddo!
You're one tough girl, and you've taught me great. You're family to us just as I am to your family. Don't forget us! Don't forget ME!! :D
Gonna miss you lah, kiddo :,(

Ja matta ne, Sayuri-chan?
Until we meet again :,)