Monday, January 19, 2009


Someone could only ever stand unwavered for so long.
No matter how solid that facade of a brick wall it may be, it eventually chips and cracks;
slowly hacked away by the hard persistence of unwanted invasions...

I believe the Chain Reaction thesis now.
One screeching led to another. Lecturing, sarcasm and bitter comments later.

To think I started the day with optimism...


Honestly, my only thread of hope for Saturday was looking forward to the LLC reunion.
Which, by the way, was well worth it.

Anyways, back to the morn:
With the Forensics Workshop!

It was nostalgic to walk the ISKL grounds again.
Seeing familiar faces were comforting, even if I didn't know any of their names.

The OI workshop was fairly... Quiet. I was surprised how shy everyone was...

The Acting workshop was with Mrs Sahari again though.
Along with her two assistants whose names slipped my mind...
(Yes, I'm very bad with names, apologies...)
Funny how many returnees were at the acting workshop once more for reasons OTHER than the actual point of the whole workshop... XD

The long awaited LLC Reunion was then after!

I swear, you gather 6 pooped-out teenage girls, cram them into the small, restricted confinements of a car and you get deranged maniacal moments all the way.
Michi's version of ducking from the police (QUACK), Shereen's disturbing guffaws...

I salute your parents for their high tolerance level, Bern. *_*

Just like the year before, the reunion was all about the swings, laughter and SWEAT. Bucketloads of it. I'm glad my mom's mac and cheese made a good turnout. But you guys ah, I tell you... Little bit left, FINISH IT LA!! XD

It wasn't so much about the camp, but more of the company. Reminiscing about camp was out of the question! Except the certificates and camp CD distribution.
It was always that way.
Less memories, more GOSSIP!


Highlight of the day was the See-saw Confession. Simple enough: introduce yourself, reveal crush. I swear Pei San, if you're so willing to tell the whole wide world about him, you might as well tell it to his face and take it from there! THEN. We talk business. >)

Zi-Lynn, you owe me that 1 other name. You only gave me 3! D:

Salutations to Daniel for getting it bugged outta him. Although it seemed like a helluva lot of names in your list...

I'm sorry to Weng Siong, Chien Lung, Taiko, CS and Eric for not getting anything out of me. I was about to tell ya'll, I swear! Finally got the guts to spill and me dad arrives... I'll still keep it under lock and key for now.

For chosen ears only. :)

My bad habits haven't died out yet.
This. Is not good.