Monday, January 19, 2009

Losing it?

Browsing through the LLC photos made me realize something:

I seriously need to shed the pounds.

No, this isn't my non-existent self-esteem talking itself worthy again. It's a fact.
Please stop telling me I'm 'normal' and what not.
It's really not going to help..

But hey! If it means an extended lifeline, improved health and whatnot, heck. Why not right?

Sooooo as of today, I have commenced Operation-Debbie-Must-Lose-Weight!
I think taking the dogs out for an hour-long stroll is a good start, don't you?

But so much for that.
A full plate of spaghetti and cups of concentrated pineapple tart residue for drinks after.


This. Will take some time getting used to...