Friday, January 16, 2009


Another week almost over and done with.
It's only the SECOND week but we go higgledy-piggedy worrying about meetings, practices, elections, interviews, homework...

All over again.

House practice, by far, my only form of exercise, I love!
Thank God for no long jumps. Shot puts to flex my arms and my favourite 100-meter sprint to stretch my legs (to the point of cramps) make me feel gooooood.
Yay endorphins!

The daily morning marching practices begin.
Screaming commands on the top of my lungs with teachers staring at me from the staff room like I'm initiating some lunacy cult is exhilarating.
It's the only reason why I walk in class with a ridiculous grin slapped across my face.

Oh yeah, and after 4 years of being a loyal, hardcore badminton club member...
I join the chess club.
Don't lift your eyebrow at me, at least I know how to play.

I think the one thing which gets me riled up the most are all my ELDS related activities.
Haih, stress stress stress. Is that ALL you're going to give me...?

Speaking of education, one thing's for sure:
Taylor's College
is not the one for me!

My hands are itching to do something creative. Productive. Colourful.
But staring at the sketch book doesn't budge my hand. Or flash images in my head anymore.
Ish ish ish.

The one thing every artist dreads is to proclaim that they're finally ART BLOCKed.


I need a change of blog skin., it's getting boring already.
Someone, please! Teach me blog skin customizations! D:

I need a haircut too.