Saturday, December 27, 2008

All Doped Up.

Maybe it's the nerve-numbing drugs.
Maybe it's the tardiness from the lack of sleep.
Maybe it's the lurking, putrid feeling from reading Infected.
(Which is a VERY good book if you're much into gore and sci-fi might I add.)

But I'm back.

Deal with it.

I'm sick.
Veeeeery sick.
It's been... Years since I've doped myself this much with drugs for that sole reason.
(Not that I've done it for any other. I've been a good girl Santa, honest!!)

Tissues with green slime everywhere.
Hacking out literal lumps of phlegm.
Not being able to taste the outrageously decadent alcoholic cherry chocolate...

But Christmas (unsurprisingly) never seemed to get me down.

The chime of choirs ringing through your ears,
The delectable feast of fir trees and white, powdery christmas decorations blinding your eyes,
The temptation of freshly-baked jam tarts tickling your nose,
The kick of gluttony as you satisfy your tongue with some good ol' turkey,
The thrill of excitement, tearing and ripping at the mystery box of surprises...

It's that time of year again.

Hope you all had a happy and wonderful christmas!


So my poetic sense is really off.
I'm not one for writing so...

Deal with it.
(Yep. This too.)

Moving on:
My love for music sheets and reading notes has been rekindled!

Despite the struggle to comprehend what goes where (I'll have you know, cheating helps very much :p), and getting easily el depresso when I can't seem to move anywhere (But hey. Practice makes perfect!) the joy out of playing a whole song flawlessly just KILLS ME.

Yes, fellow stalkers.
I play the piano!

Shocking, I know.

But let me get the facts clear: Jun Hsien and Zi-Lynn's skills put me to shame. So let's not push the compliments to those who are undeserving of it, hmm?

Okay, I think I shall go sleep the drugs off now.
So I can survive Sister Enda's surprise party tonight.

(A sincere note to Bern: I've not forgotten about Leo and I will come home and sit my sorry-excuse-of-a-backside down and think. HAAAAAAAAAARD. Don't work yourself marshmallow brainless, okay? ),: )

Yeap, you know I've snapped now.
It's the drugs. I swear to God, it is.