Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lazy Days.

I officially declared today (or rather, yesterday) my R&R day.

Or rather, my laze-and-laze-and-not-do-anything-worthwhile-and-laze day.

I really, really felt like not doing anything today.
Which is bad. Considering that there's still Maths, Science and Sejarah to study for the paper 1s...


Too late. Day is done.
Gone the sun.
From the sea, from the hills, from the sky~
(Don't even ask why I'm even singing this nonsense from Girl Guides.)

But I did practiced the Romeo and Juliet piano piece I've been dying to get my hands on. (Thanks Zi-Lynn! ;_;) It's surprising how a little knowledge can get you a loooong way.

I'm just shocked I picked up this fast.


7 day prayers finally over and done with.
Finally, grandma can truly rest in peace.

No more havoc to stress over. XD

It was hilarious watching my whole family fawning over my Aunty Bernie, literally begging her to tell them who won the Amazing Race. (Asia, of course.)

Too bad for them.

A 15 MILLION US dollar fine really works wonders, no?

But PHOTO SESSIONS? Good God. Give Aunty Bernie a BREAK lah.
My family and their crazy fanaticism. *sigh*


On another note, I saw the most ADORABLE movie with Joanna!!
If you're a dog-lover, or just looking for a movie to feel all warm and fuzzy inside, this is THE movie:

10 Promises To My Dog

Don't be impressed by my translation skills just yet.
I know only because I read the movie section in the Star.
Yes, I cheated. And yes, my kanji and katakana skills fail me. Miserably.

I swear, I could hear audible sniffs left, right and centre. Even if there weren't much of an audience.

Don't deny it Joanna, I heard you too. >D

(I hope Kishan likes his present harharhar.)

Time to stop killing my brain cells and shut them drooping eyes.
And prepare myself to face Post-Confirmation, church and not fall asleep during the Philharmonic Orchestra tomorrow.

And back to studying again. Eurgh.