Sunday, October 26, 2008

Musing Buskering.

My first time watching an authentic, true blue, world class Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.
Yeah sure, you think our school band was great as it is. (No offence whatsoever to the band members reading this) But this. This is what you call perfection.
(I just can't see how one could actually FALL ASLEEP (ahem ahem) with all those fortes. I could barely blink! )

Although it's ironic that 95% of the band is made up of Mat Sallehs.

I'm proud to say I walked out that hall satisfied to know that I learnt something new out of it.

   /bʌsk/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [buhsk] Show IPA Pronunciation
–verb (used without object)
1. Chiefly British. to entertain by dancing,
singing, or reciting on the street or in a public place.

Yeah, sue me, I learnt a new word. But heck, everyone's gotta learn sometime, y'know?
Anyway, that was the theme for the evening.

"The Classic Buskers".

Albeit the hysterical, screaming kid (which thankfully, finally left. And never came back.), the whole performance was tre magnifique.

And as though that wasn't good enough, the accordianist was stupendous, and the other genius (Let me dub him Sir Genius the Second) on the wood winds was PHENOMENAL.

I was impressed:

  • The strings section playing with goose feathers.
  • Sir Genius the Second playing two recorders in not unison, but harmony.
  • The Minute Waltz being played in a minute.
  • The crazy composed song on the puny Japanese recorder. And mind you, it's PUNY.

I could've listed a whole lot more, but a whole lot happens in an hour and you know, you're too engrossed to make a point to remember anything good? Or maybe it's just me. Hmm.

Feeling inspired yet?

Holy crappamoli, how could I forget to mention the House lookalike??
I know I'm dead serious on this one. Only because I kept staring at him throughout the whole performance. Heheheheheheh...

I mean, come ON.

A younger, cleaner, SHAVEN version on the CELLO???



Kay said...

There was a KL International Busker's Festival in 2006. There was a whole variety of street performance among other things.

I know it's held towards the end of the year, perhaps there'll be one this year too. If it's on, we should go see :B!

Tengku Sheril Amirah said...

I am proud to say I HAVE PERFORMED WITH THE MPO!!!

and yes, there is a House lookalike Debbie. You were not hallucinating. XD