Monday, October 20, 2008

At Lost.

Deaths and final exams seriously do NOT compliment each other. At all.

The past few days have been really tiring since grandma passed away.
Heart wrenching as it may seem, I'm just glad the funeral's finally over.

Problem is, I've just lost half the will to study.

It's uh... How do I put it.
I'm still a bit at lost, losing grandma was pretty much the final straw.
I mean, she WAS my only grandmother.
And it's the fifth death in the family THIS YEAR.
It's going to be hard to say that she's not around anymore.

Not only that, it's heart-breaking to see family members breaking down... Especially my grandpa, my aunts and my mom...


I'd just like to say a little thank you for all those uplifting wishes from all of you guys.
You'd be amazed at how words are such powerful things.
And if ever I start whining on and on like this again, I give you permission to conk me on my head. A concussion should do very nicely.

Looks like it's back to studying then.