Saturday, August 2, 2008

Surprises: Good for the Soul.

Well, to start it all off, I shall backtrack to Friday:

I have never felt happier seeing someone cry.
Better yet, seeing your PRESIDENT cry.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not a sadist or anything.
(I meant it in a good way, I swear! D:)

I dubbed this the 'Meli Project'. To cut the long story, it was a surprise planned for our ever awesome ELDS president, Melissa deBruyne Choon Ming May! (Oh wait, that WAS the whole story.. Fair enough. )

So this was what we did:

Love letters! We flooded the reconstructing ELDS board with hoards and hoards of them collected from almost all the members of the society.
It was another one of those throbbing headaches I should say, collecting them pieces of paper which had a tendency of flying in every direction (including Abinaya’s, it preferred the tree ) and with the form 3s stressing their trials.
But in the end, it WORKED!
A big THANK YOU shoutout to Huda, Victoria and all who made this happen (and Mallini Kannan who ushered Meli even faster to the lawn way)! We made her last (meeting) the best, no?

I shall have to beg Huda for more awesome shots because my ‘fantabulous’ camera decided to die on me. ):


And Saturday:

T’was our Francis Marcher’s party! FINALLY after all that postponing and begging. It was sad though, with only a miserable number of 7 out of a total of 32 marchers plus Gayathrie coming and going barely within the span of 5 minutes.. Well, it WAS a pretty last minute thing after all.

Nevertheless, we had FUN! Didn’t we, Theresa, Atiqah, Nazirah, Zi-Lynn, Meenu and Yen Yen?

Oh, the highlight of the day (for me at least)!


“Close your eyes, promise NOT to peak now!”
“This is for all you’ve done for us, because we love you guys and you really deserve it after all that hard earned work.”
“Hope you like it. Open your eyes.”

TA-DAH! Spanking new (okay, not THAT new) personalized GOLD MEDALS! Now how cool can THAT get?! ANOTHER surprise within 2 days! I really ‘syok-sendiri’ lah. X)


Aaaand Sunday:

A word of advice: Don’t ever let the Kateh sleepover at your house. She throws gigantus pillows and kicks yeeeeeew. D:
Okay, okay, that was my fault mostly. But hey, I’m nocturnal. YOU CAN’T BLAME ME! DX
Yes, the great PANDAKATE donned my house with her great presence after we hijacked a swimming pool flooded with little Malay miniatures. (Don’t get me wrong here either, there WERE a lot of them) Lol Kate-stone at breakfast. Hilariously HILARIOUS! XDDD

Thanks Mayu for dragging us all the way to One Utama to find out that the workshop was in BAHASA MALAYSIA. And better still, RM30. Tis’ okay though. Mallini’s whapping into the wall after goggling at an oven made up for it. XD


Abuela said...

.... I SO wanna kick you.