Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sun Worshipping(?) and the Works.

Major blackouts are horrid. Especially when you have to do so much homework to get over and done with so we can 'enjoy our holidays'. I've never been so dependant on the sun before: I struggled to finish as much work as I could before the sun diminished and therefore, getting blanketed in a whole swarm of mosquitoes. Because I didn't know where the candles were. Hurrah for blur Debbies.

Case: Blackout. Victim: Camera. Suspect: A Debbie.


Random moments at school:
The 'Haiwan Pelik'
So Aqila was late to school today. And as always, we have to be prepared for them untimely random moments with her...
Aqila: OOOOH! Let ME sweep the bridge!!
ZLynn and I: ...Why?
Aqila: So I can DANCE and the teachers will go, "Apa haiwan pelik itu?"
ZLynn and I: o_o;; GO SWEEP THE STAIRS YOU!!
(Speech may be rendered due to vague memory skills. So please. Bear with the Debbie.)
True Sadist
Quote ZLynn: "I should be admitted to a mental ward. I find pleasure in blowing up fruits."
Her brand for our seni's juicebox is 'Fruit Bombs'.
It's a Zoo In Here
*hears sudden, awful, LOUD laughter*
Myself: -looks up from work- I could've SWORN I heard a bunch of turkeys.
ZLynn, Arleena and Mei Kwan: O_O LOOOOL
It's D-Day for ELDS tomorrow. Or rather. E-Day. Elections..? (Okay lame joke, brick me.)
I'm afraid of what might happen. Heck, I have a very bad feeling about what IS to happen...
I just pray that whatever it is, it's for the better. *cough*I hopethe'MeliProject'worksoutfinetoo*cough*
The tag and a full report on the Animax Youth Festival will be coming! Soon! I hope!