Friday, August 1, 2008

The Delayed Prefect Installation Post!

I guess I should explain why I haven't been blogging HERE as of late.
It's because I shifted over to a Xanga account. And yeah, I've been pretty lazy. So yea. My most apathatic apologies..

When I woke up that morn, I promised myself, that I'd enjoy today. No matter what happened.

(If you're THAT curious why I'm trying to be so 'optimistic', you can check out my Xanga account.)

And I'm grateful I did. Because today was a total blast!
Okay, maybe I was still a little traumatized from what happened for our Leo install (yet again, posting's in Xanga), but apparently, I think too much.

Although it wasn't so much as an excitement with an exception of Huda's speech, the slide presentations, Meli's and Annishka's surprise dedication to Huda (in which I happened to be their scapegoat) and the finale performances, it turned out so perfectly organized, it was scary.

Our lover-ly emcees for the day.

The finale performance by the SPB 07/08...

...And SPB 08/09.

Oh yes, ZLynn and I had fun going on a glomping spree unto every retiree senior we knew. Our head prefect dearest was on the verge of tears when we went to glomp her, and we made her cry when we did. Aww~ ZLynn started crying too, the poor lassie. (See, Huda? We ALL love you guys so much, it's not funny! ;-; )
We then proceeded to attacking Theresa, our marching captain / mommy (I agree, ZLynn, I have too many mommies... doi). After, she asked us to run with her to the goal post... And made us swear to make a promise to her. It seemed a bit awkward, but we did it anyway. We were extremely high, yes. While walking back all wheezy and laughing, she mumbled something which I barely caught, but heard it just the same.

"So next year, it's you two's turn ah..."

ZLynn and I were confused. All throughout our march back to the hall, we both were 'EHH??'ing all the way. I have a bad feeling that I know what Theresa is trying to hint to us...

Nevertheless, Theresa's incredilous bimbo moment seriously made my day :D :

Huda: *in the midst of her crying fest*
Theresa : *hands over her own boquet of flowers*
Here, something to wipe your ears with.
Me : EARS??
ZLynn : Don't you mean... Tears?

Haih, haih Theresa dearest. You'll never change, will you..? XD

With enough excitement at the field, we proceeded to channelling our hyperness in the canteen:

I spy a very uncanny resemblence, don't you...?

Tal: Hey... Can you see the cells in that?

Ale: ?

The: Let me camwhore too...?

"Where? Where??"

"There! THERE!!"

"Oooh! WE SEE IT NOW!"

Father vs. Son: Who will victor?!

Theresa getting over-excited over ONE earring...

Look closer. See anything?

Theresa: Losing...

...(with a little help XD)

Presenting: The 'Bla-the'hood

Ah, good times, we had. :)