Sunday, May 11, 2008

Double the Love~

Mother's Day (ma-the-er-ss-de-ay) Definition : A miserably short period of time whereby mothers get to stop their temporary reign of tyranny over their evil spawn. For it is a tiresome job.



Now this. Is what would be in my dictionary of self-explanatory everyday matters, life etc etc... lol. I should seriously make one. Like, 'The Dictionary of Debbie's Superlatively Limited Vocabulary: Guaranteed Total Brainwashing!"

...Okay maybe not so much of the brainwashing but still.

Aaaanyways. Back to the topic:

Obviously, today was Mother's Day. One might think that one event in a day is more than one's fair share for celebratory reasons...


It never is. ^^

Today was my mom's birthday too~ X3 As though getting drowned in roses and the like wasn't enough; she got smothered with CUPCAKES and CHOCOLATES (mah sister and I shared and bought chocolates from the koperasi lawl ) as well. My mom's reaction?

"Ayaa. Gonna grow fat already lah.."

And she may be very well right.

Yesterday, we pigged out at an Overseas restaurant at God-knows-where-some-place-near-White-Coffee-House-there-lah. My grandparents wanted to try out what food there was available, and we're lucky that we did. Everything was BRILLIANT. The yam basket was especially scrumptious: the yam was soooo thick~ <333>A< ) As though this was bad enough. Today we went to King Crab's in Kelana Jaya. Namely, the most awesome of a seafood restaurant you could ask for. And what did we sit to? Butter sotong, 4 crabs in two different styles, asam fish, oysters and bowls and bowls of rice. Oh believe me. We were stuffed. Alive. (And this only goes to show how guilty we all are of submitting to greed... >_< ) And this bill wasn't as heart shackling, but it was a whooping RM200 going on 300. That. Bad.

We had McD's ice cream for dessert. Sickening, I know. We be greedy pigs, greedy pigs, greedy, greedy... Pigs. ._.

So yea. That was Mother's Day for my mom. (And her birthday too ^^)
What did YOU guys do for Mother's Day..? XDD