Monday, April 21, 2008

Sputtering Sports

Meh. I just wanted to waste my durian breath on something thoughtful (though it's been stuck in my head for the past... -counts- 9 days since... Sports Day? ...Whoops. )

I should've written this a long long loooong time ago, but now more than ever after reading our dahling dearest Captain's Theresa's blog:!BB602B3E4636660E!145.entry?action=post&wa=wsignin1.0

First off, we didn't lose. We DID win. No, it may not have been that materialized plastic 'gold' medal we've been working our butts off for (It's only a loan to the Claire marchers for a year, remember that XD) . We won in our very own way. We DID win FRIENDSHIP. We DID win COURAGE to lose with style. -poses- We DID win in our hearts.

Yes, if you have even bothered to actually read Theresa's blog, you'd noticed I had just plucked all this out from it... I'm a lazy, lazy old fart, and I know it. XD

But now it's my turn to say what I have to say. And I think I speak on the behalf of all us marchers.

First off, dearest Captain. You did not. I repeat. Did NOT fail us. It was WE who failed YOU. You form 5ers have been longing for the day to shine with the rest of your 'gloriously wonderful, fantastic' fellow marchers, be it old or new, and walk out the school gate with a big smile on our faces proud to finally say "We won the GOLD!" But. That never happened. Not even the silver did we get.

For 4 whole months we struggled to be the best under the blazing hot sun, thriving to be the best. We failed you. We practiced the longest, we most probably tried the hardest, put in all of what was left of our sweat, blood and tears, tried our very best but we still failed you.

Nevertheless, those 4 months together has brought undoubtedly many, many memories that we would share and cherish for a lifetime. Our whinings about our sunburns, our frustration at our most beloved 'sotongs', our off pitches (mostly Theresa's lah) and our sore throats, muscle cramps etc etc. You name it. We still had our fun times. ( I'll bet Atiqah, Anyss, ZLynn and I will forever remember the 'thinking pool party' eh? XDD)

And I think we all owe Theresa and Atiqah a good long apology.
We're sorry for always not being on time (in my case, it was always my fault lah... XD;) We're sorry for complaining and whining when it was you two who were the ones wasting your hair follicles on us. We're sorry for being rebellious and not listening to you when the time came. We're sorry for not paying up on time with the usual 'I'm broke' excuse. (Though most of us were telling the truth, I swear!) We're sorry for not being there and bailing on you when you needed us the most. We're especially sorry for not winning the gold for you.

We'd also like to thank you for pulling us into marching. If you two hadn't, we wouldn't have met such awesome people and made such a wonderful family. We wouldn't have known Theresa could be too nice of a 'mammy' and Atiqah our firm, strict, no-nonsense 'emak'. Thank you Nazirah, for being our always cheerful and farny right marker; Fui Yen, JP, Gayathrie, Athirah, Anichan, Qavita and Anis for being our ever-so-supportive seniors. c:
Thank you for getting us addicted to the field. We shall never look at it the same way ever again. (Ya. Everytime we look at the field now, we get the sudden urge to go stand at the lines and start going "WAAAAN TOOOO". I tell you, one day you'll catch us doing it unknowingly. It's AUTOMATIC!)

As compensation for being such a disappointment and humiliation to you guys this year, we take and oath that by next year, we swear, from the bottom of our hearts, that we will SWEENEY TODD those Hermines NGAM NGAM HO and will the GOLD for ya!! We won't even LET them win the silver! (Okay la... We won't be so harsh. We'll see the circumstances first lah. ...Maybe. >3) We'll pray hard enough that God might tie Lady Luck up and throw her at Francis so that we'll win the whole thing all together!

When we said we loved you too, we truly, honestly meant it too. We know you guys meant well, so Atiqah? You need not apologize. You were already forgiven a long, long time ago.

Okay. Enough is enough. (My durian breath oso fizzing out already.) Hopefully this ranting's sufficient to cover up for the emoness we all had. SEE YA'LL AT THE PARTY YA! MUST GO GO GOOOOOOO!! XDD

PS - If some of you form 4 marchers totally and utterly disagree with what I'm saying right now, sorry lah. This one's mostly my opinion, so I can't blame you. I give you the right to hate me. XD


Zee said...

We. Lost. In. Style! -does some wacky lala pose-

We just HAVE to win next year. I know we can. We MUST.

katiebaby* said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah damn long the post. became malas halfway through. XD
very inspiring though. -claps-
yergh durian breath!:P