Friday, March 7, 2008

Pyschological Itches?

And thus, my new year's resolution is solved; to get a blog HAHA.
( And yes, I know it's March already but better late then never, no? XDD)


Exams. Oh sweet, SWEET EXAMS. I know it's my own fault that I didn't study properly for exams... But still. I just -- crapped my way through. My BM's a goner, I screwed my summary in English, Literature's down the drain, I'm failing Maths (I didn't know the whole, yes you heard me right, WHOLE paper )... Need I say more?

Oh but it was crazy as hell. We had our fun times, nevertheless. A close friend ( I wouldn't want to mention her name if anything :x ) had a head lice infestation lately. And we all started to itch. o_o We checked our heads, but there was nothing. We called it the 'psychological itch'. Hilarious. XDD

Hmm. School's taken quite a toll on me this year. In general? It's pretty much more or less a bloody culture shock. And seriously. If you think that form 4's your disgustingly sweet 'honeymoon' year,
THINK AGAIN BUDDY. (Or maybe it's just me... Hmm.) The mountain of work for ELDS, LEO and Editorial just keeps growing and growing and growing. Not to mention homework... Doi.

It's the HOLIDAYS now and I don't even get a freakin' BREAK?? Aww come on...

I FINALLY GOT TO SEE YUAN YUAN! YAYS!! Oh Lord, I haven't seen a puppy in ages... I miss the smell of puppy. ;.; She's adorable! Even though she doesn't like being man-handled that much. So fat... So round! Even her grunts are too cute~ She's teething though, so her bites are rather... Ouch. XD;

Whelp. One puppy down, one puppy to go! ALFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!!! XDD

Oh. Accounts today. Meaning Datin Khoo's. I'm shocked I actually stayed awake throughout the whole class. o_o There were many, many yawnings. And she didn't like it. WELL IT'S NOT OUR FAULT YOUR CLASS OS SOOO BORING! XDD So I yawned with my eyes wide open and a hand over my mouth. I ten to do that alot when someone's staring right at me in the face and I just can't help it anymore. XD But today was hilarious. One of the boys tried to hide the fact that he didn't bring his calculator: by holding it's COVER. We all burst out laughing! So cute lah. XDD

And that is all? 'Rantings' coming to you live from Debbie!
-gets OTSed-


ZLynn said...

Lawl calculator cover. More post plz~

And I should get working on my own posts, no? xD;

katiebaby* said...

lol update debbeh! and... get a cbox. (:

ellyodd said...

You should check out dyscalculia. Google it or

It's "math dyslexia"