Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'mma DRESS YOU UP. Literally. :D

Okay, it's 3 days late, I wished you TWICE, and I still don't care!
I'mma do it again and again until you projectile a vomit of OKAYOKAYTHANKYOUALREADYENOOOOUGHs.
(Okay, maybe not the vomit part but... you know.)

As of now, I shall remember the 10th of August as the day my dearest Fion Tey Pei Yin takes a step closer to saggy boobs! Wrinkles! Wobbly knees and bad backbones!!
(Don't worry Fion, you'll still be AWESOME to me!)

HAPPY (belated) 21st!

It's only been a year since I've known you but hey.
You've thought me a LOT since then.

Thank you for so willingly listening to my incessant whining and complaining of my trivial problems, even when you're not feeling too fine and dandy yourself,
For all that advice when I ask for it,
For keeping me company when I feel lonely,
For being the dai ka che anyone could ask for! (Yes, you're mine too!)

You're one of the reasons I'm NEVER EVER going to regret becoming a Leo. :)
Okay, you are allowed to ignore the corniness of this particular phrase.

Now, speaking of your BIRTHDAY present...