Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Unexpected.

Wow. So he DID win.
Kris Allen's actually, really, almost-impossibly THE American Idol of Season 8.

That was an unexpected twist to the end.
I guess everyone got tired of Adam's performances.
They -were- repetitive in a way, was it not?

But Adam still has the better voice.

Then again, you can't compare the two at all.
Like a certain Baba said, they're both a SPECIES ON THEIR OWN.

On another note...
My uncle just passed away.

Well, I haven't really much to say, honestly.
I never really got to know my dad's side as much as I did with my mom's.
I don't even remember his name...

What I do know is that another family member's lost.
And even though I vaguely remember him, I'm sure his presence will be missed.
Especially by my aunt and my 2 cousins.

Rest in Peace, uncle.
May the good Lord bless your soul.