Saturday, May 9, 2009

Accident Prone.

Yes, fear the hairy leg

So I got hit today.
By a motorcycle.

Was that my punishment for not (really) studying for exams?

Before you ask:

  • It happened this afternoon, right after school (or technically, yesterday's).
  • Right in front of Gate B.
  • When I was crossing the road.
  • Didn't see it coming.
  • It wasn't hit and run. He was nice enough to check whether I was okay.


As you can clearly see, I'm still very much alive and well.
Just busy recovering from the embarrassment.

So... Exams. Heh.
If that feeble excuse of a laugh doesn't get the message across, I don't know what will.
Well, I don't care, as long as I get FANTABULOUS MARKS FOR SPM.

, English essays, Literature, Science, Econs, subjective Maths down, a HELLUVA lot more to go.
Another week of stressful-cramming-of-facts-into-brain, here I come~
After a goooooooood day's rest, eh? ;D

I just hope I don't get too many murukus of a paper...
Meaning I'm just beating around the bush. Round and round and round.

Oh well.

I comfort myself with a good mug of Maggi-in-a-cup and the soothing chirps of temporary pet crickets.
You guys should try it some day. ;D