Thursday, April 16, 2009

Building Bridges.

Indeed, our main theme for the day has been:


I made a lot of surprising little discoveries.
Take this for example:

I wanted to use this as a blackmail photo but hey.
Since it's out in the open already (thanks, Darius! :D), I might as well.

One of my dearest marchers COSPLAYS!

She's so insane she wrecked havoc in the canteen.
One big, fat scream after another.
Then Cassandra proceeding to DEMONSTRATE it.
All this because she found out a whole other bunch of us could draw. Lol la, budak ni... Lol.

I swear, I have recruited the craziest bunch of wackos yet.

Our Sewing Squad proved that as well.

I love bonding sessions; especially with classmates.
I've been out so long, it's been light years since I've actually sat down to spew nonsense.
Ah, I miss the times when I used to be CARE-FREE.
Form 3! ),:

Sports Day is in less than 33 HOURS.
As long as I don't lose my sexy voice COMPLETELY.
As long as we complete everything tomorrow...

Anxiety attacks: not good.

I pray, I really pray.
Everything gets better...

Thank you. Thank you for all those encouraging words.