Monday, February 9, 2009

The Fever

We thought it was just a normal viral fever.
Then came the rashes and a nosebleed.
While they rush to a Putrajaya hospital, I wait and fret in PJ.

So much for being there for family.

Thankfully, it wasn't dengue.
BOTH sisters got sick yesterday, but since Forensics is just around the corner, I've been avoiding them like they were lepers.
Wouldn't touch anything they touched, wouldn't come within 3 feet of them. I know it hurts for them to see me like this, but I can't afford to fall sick.
Not right now anyway.

But I swear, I've never heard of someone make a NOSEBLEED sound so... FUNNY.

First, she snorts blood all over the toilet sink. "Crap," she goes, as she wipes the counter clean and throws it in the toilet bowl, forgetting to flush it down. Then my dad waddles in for a pee, and finally glances down to find his urine swimming around with what he thought, was HIS blood.

"...I'm gonna die, aren't I?"

My family will be the death of me.
I swear, I will one day die laughing.

Hmm. Blogging on my new laptop feels weird.
But I'll keep that to tell another day.
I really should be sleeping now.