Saturday, January 31, 2009

We Came Down to Watch the World Go By

Finally, a full day and a half outta the house.
I am now one super duper happy, satisfied and wiped out kid.


Got dragged out of bed to kick start the day with a little 3 hour trip to the dentist.

Oh oh! I got my very very first X-RAY! 8D
Yeah yeah, it's only a miniscule sheet compared to the usual sizes you'd get but hey!
I have every right to savour my first-timer 'jakun'-tedness.

Turns out, I really am missing a tooth.
I think I swallowed it as a glop of flesh as a kid. Hmm...
Hope the orthodontist agrees to patch up that big gap between my two front teeth though...

After a hefty meal of the dim sum at Kim Seng (Note to self: That Taman Megah serves AWESOME dim sum), then proceeded to Zi-Lynn's open house!
Arrived just in time to lunch outside alongside Micheh, Kateh, Keilly and KK.
Had a blast contributing to noise pollution via Guilty Gear, DDR and banging piano keys with you guys!

Learnt Chor Dai Di and sang-along to much songs with Eric and Mun Suet.
Pitiful skills. But we're getting there!!

Quiet a funny little sight, really:
Lying 'selamba'-ly on the floor with pillows playing Chor Dai Di while singing mindlessly to familiar songs, then jolting from the sudden blast of cantonese from the sound system downstairs.

Then after...

Rating : 2 out of 5

Honestly, I don't quite like it.
The whole movie was quite monotonous: not revolving around laughter or tears...
Just bland lines. A big no- no on my good movie list.

Character-wise, only Dustfinger, Kashim and the author caught my attention.
The aunt was getting there, but not quite.

As it is, it's not quite as thrilling as the book.
In fact, it doesn't follow the book at all.

Though I quite like the idea of the half-reads having letter-like tattoos across their faces and limbs. The specials effects were really good too.

So overall, I wouldn't recommend this movie at all.
Only if you're looking for good graphics.
Oh, and maybe learn a few fire breathing tricks.