Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's 2009.

Gosh. Time flies so fast, I don't even need to blink my eyes and it's gone.
It's hard to believe it's already a new year.

A time for new beginnings,
A time for new hope,
A time for new adventures!

I swore to myself a big bang to set off the new year with a fresh start.
Making that happen, I'm even more stocked to fulfill even more promises and dreams!

I will:

  • Stop procrastination.
  • Stop swearing. (Assistance required)
  • Start a little revolution called TIME MANAGEMENT.
  • Do the all the crazies I never did before.
  • Bring myself closer to God and the people around me.
  • Fill more sketchbooks than I can dream of and render my tablet useless! (Okay, maybe not that useless)
  • Like accept myself for who I am.
  • Love. Like there's no tomorrow.
  • Give my ALL!

2008 was the most thrilling roller coaster I've ever had to ride. So crazy, the poor cart probably lost a few screws here and there, but survived anyway.

For one, quoting it as the 'honeymoon year' was a total lie.
My best and worst moments lay to rest in it.

Most memorable things of 2008

  • First-timing in the SEA Forensics. It wasn't so big and scary after all!
  • The big blast of a Confirmation Camp!
  • Thoroughly drugged for the Editorial Trip to Malacca. Theresa was fairly amused.
  • Battling the harsh sun for the relentless marching.
  • My very first Leo Forum with very rewarding results.
  • Being a part of the MAAN family!
  • Proudly showing off blisters from percussion after a good, hard practice session.
  • The tears we poured just days before the real Jubilee Night.
  • Reliving the exhilarating moments on stage.
  • The family paying a good portion to the deathtoll.
  • Of course, Leo Leadership Camp of 2008!
  • The Christmas Bazaar moments from when we all started sneak of to the coughcougharcadesessionscough.
  • Braving the terror that is 4 Arts 2.
  • And many, many, many more if I dig up my memory well enough.

But that's only for now.

I may not have bucketloads of pictures to keep those memories fresh.
But I will definitely treasure them with all my heart and soul.

Happy New Year!
Something special's gonna happen. Don't you feel it too?