Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Time for Changing


Yes, yes, I know, I've abandoned ship (well, this one) for a pretty long time.
So yes, my writing skills already probably rotted away with it, so just bear with me while I try to blurt my way through this post :P

Anyway, yes, as always.

Life happened within the months I've been away.

But I'm starting to feel it.

That whisper of doubt is gone.

The people I've met,
The things I've done,
The happiness we shared in that combination.

I really can say now... That I'm happy!

I'm happy that this is what I've chosen to do, and I will carry this badge of pride wherever I go.

To be called an artist and an animator :)

So uh, yes... That sums up my non-chalant vomit of words (HAHA) before I start... My art blog!

From now on, I will be documenting my growth as an artist in this place to watch my improvement and to force the lazy bug outta me...

So here's to new starts,
And a time for changing! :)