Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Here I Go, 2009!

Once again, cliche as it ALWAYS may seem, another year has weathered us by.
Of course, 2009 has been a brawl of memories and some good, smashing times!

It's gonna be my first Christmas and New Year's away from home, so here I am, reminiscing before I venture off to the Land of the Rising Sun!

Presidency of ELDS for 08/09. One of the most major, high-ranking post I have so rashly taken up.
Admittedly, I know I could've done much better... (yes, we all have common ground on this subject, don't we?)
Feelings of incompetence, time constraints, engulfing arguments and misunderstandings...


I could've never asked for a better team to help me.
A special thank you to Vicky, the inanely BRILLIANT cili padi of a girl for helping me in every which way she could!

Good luck to Abinaya, my very promising successor!

Making THE semi-finals with Nicola, the red sea of happiness on the last day, the ecstacy of screaming our hearts out as we WON.
WE made it HAPPEN!

District Drama Competition.
A pinch of friendly craziness, the zest of acting once more, meeting a dollop of old friends, mixing with the new and a slice of me making yet another memorable character to remember by, Mak Cik Rosnah.
Denise, Mrs. Surinder, Mr. Surinder, Dr. Nathan, Tan, Miss Chee and everyone else.
Third place: we DESERVED it!

Lit Night 2009; Mosaics.
A myriad of issues, conflicts, time constraints and misunderstandings...
But a concert that turned heads and kept everyone sitting on the edges of their seats;
New friends and even newer responsibilities.
A mind blowing whole 6 months' worth of blood, sweat and tears.
All of it: well worth the sacrifice.

Marching has also played a big part in my crazy scheduled year.
Having Zi-Lynn to remind me we're only human.
'Family time' and the Sewing Squad.
Hilarious bonding sessions.
The sweet, sweet bliss of FINALLY winning that gold medal.
Simply phenomenal. Especially when you see that beam on our sun-striken faces.

LEO; this club has changed me for who I am, and who I will be.
All that banner painting and funding has never been so fun (or STRESSFUL)
Leo Idol, Forum, LLC and all those other projects, right up to our un-installation.
And then there was PJI.
Here's to all the more fun and celebrations we'll have together!

Puan Wan Aida! This section is especially dedicated to this tough cookie.
Whose shown us the way and given us a reason to fight.
Ekonomi Asas classes could've never any more fun.
I know you'll be reading this if you decide to google your name again! ;D
So please know that my prayers are always with you,
God will bless you with the courage and strength to fight this!
I just know it. :)

To compensate for not going for LOC and LLC, I got to faciliate a church camp.
Maybe being a big sister isn't so bad after all.
Them lovable tweens. Real cute. X)
I'm glad you guys finally know what a leech looks like!

Then came library days and librarian company, courtesy of SPM.
Heads tilting low over text books, thawing our brains raw to remember Sejarah facts, Maths calculations and essays.
From eating out and sneaking in chocolates and sweets to stay awake,
Getting to know new buddies and meeting the old... disturbing videos (ugh, head split),
To pinching, kicking and teasing each other over the littlest things.
Joanna, Shuba, Meenu, Veshinu, Maddhu, Vinod, Edward and a lot more...
You guys never fail to make my day while it lasted :)

The Attack of SPM; enough said.
And finally...
My very final days of being an official school kid.
No more text books, unnecessary homework and not focusing on doing what I TRULY like to do...
It's all over.
And I know, I'll miss it.
5A2, the terror that was.
Here's to what we were, and all it's insanity!

There is, of course, a lot more between the lines than this.
Everything: family, friends, teachers and acquaintances;
I keep in that sacred corner of my mind I call precious memories.

So as we step off yet another year,
we fall headfirst to new adventures, discoveries, friends and memories.
But as we fall, let's hang on to every passing moment, to taste it only just to savour it a lifetime.

Sayonara ja matta, ne?
I'll see you all next year!

Bon Voyage 2009,
Here I come, 2010! :)