Thursday, October 22, 2009

Twenty Seven.

Twenty seven days to our Day of Judgement.
Twenty seven days to the beginning of the end.
Twenty seven days to our slow but inevitable Merdeka.

I just hope my Merdeka will be as sweet as I want it to be...


Marie Peace Blossmead said...

its the final it with all your strenght and will soooo pay off..all the best!!!
you are highly favored, deeply loved and always blessed..
may God give u the rest you need, the wisdom to cram, the strenght to stay up, the focus to study and the peace to go on..take care <3

mayuriml said...

Gosh Debs, you're so dramatic sometimes.

But still, I guess some drama never hurt especially when you're dealing with something as dull and flaccid as SPM.

Anyways, good luck with everything. I KNOW you'll kick ass so don't worry so much, yeah?