Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September the 1st.

And the first day of school on the first day of the month starts...
With skipping school.

Brilliant, I know.

I've fallen in love with the arts of skipping unnecessary school hours.

So... Holidays.
To summarize it all:

1) Study.
2) Sleep extremely late.
3) Wake up extremely later.
4) Study.
5) The 'keep-indoors-because-of-H1N1' excuse.
6) Stone online.
7) Study.
8) Exercise.
9) Pig out at Fronterra's : TRY THE CHIMMICHUNGGA! :D
10) Miss out on LOC. ):
11) Lingering on the fact that I can't go for LLC either. ): ):
11) Did I mention study?

Too bad my studying was to the minimum.
I mean, that's what holidays are FOR!

Oh well.

Exams, have mercy on me.

Goodbye holidays,
Hello Trials.