Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kidnap Me.

School is inevitably upon us. Again.
The last holidays before THE BIG WHOOPING D-DAY(s).

Getting into the routine of studying is not fun,
but I guess it'll have to do.

Kicking off the holidays with a trip to a HIV Home in Setapak was... Very eye opening.
Always that bitter sweet moment when you visit an orphanage and come home feeling grateful, lucky, heart-broken... The works.
PJI, one more visit there please? ),:

Hari Raya at Suzanna's.
Then multiple family outings to Kenny Rogers, A Famosa Waterpark and the cousin's out of curiosity of their new puppy.

And no AAR concert.
This time la.
Aiyah, someone take me to a BETTER concert next time la, okay?


So school. Bad trial results.
Here I come...