Thursday, September 3, 2009

Heartache : The REAL Deal.

The first time you walked into our class with that cheeky smile of yours,
We just knew you were definitely not of the norm.

I loved your lessons.
Not only because you were so enthusiastic in teaching us,
You actually cared to notice that we (well, some of us) were quite frankly, stupid.
You cared enough to bother to actually give us extra class, even when half the class never showed up.
The lesson-lunch session was the best.

Whatever it was, you smiled.

With your crazy socializing, your crazy laughter and your crazier antics,
You always smiled.
For crying out loud, you even smiled when you told us we had horrendous grades and how hopeless we were!

Just that in itself made us feel guilty enough to make us want to change.
And in a class where you're surrounded with monkeys, that's pretty much hard to do.

I may have fallen asleep during your class twice.
But I wasn't sleeping. Honest! I was quite content just listening.
And I can tell you, Brazillian money is definitely NOT dollars.

But something wasn't quite right.
As much as you tried to hide it behind that broad grin.

We knew you were sick.
And this morning, we got the real deal.
You're dying.

I'm sorry I fell asleep in your class.
I'm sorry I didn't put as much effort as I actually could in whatever I did.
Heck, I apologize for all those apes who didn't give a damn about your eagerness to teach.

I know immortalizing your greatness on an insignificant blog isn't going to do much about the fact you're facing right now,
But having you as a teacher was an eye-opener.

Meet Puan Wan Aida, my Economics teacher.
She didn't just teach me a subject,
She showed me how to live my life before it's too late.

So to all you people who just read this:

You only have one life.
Get out of that computer chair right now, and go LIVE IT.
(And stop abusing the word 'die' unless you truly are dying.)

Dear God,
If it's any time to show us a miracle,
It's right now.
Please help her.