Thursday, August 20, 2009


So much for trying to at LEAST accomplish something today.
To make up for skippi-- er. Self-quarantining.

Thanks, Daphne.
You always make my life soooo much more appreciated, don't you?

So yesterday I bathed the dogs.
Since they were starting to reek like... Wet dog (doh) from all the rain and whatevernonsensethey'vebeenupto.
That was at least ONE house chore down.

Then it sparked off a chain of things-to-do-to-make-me-feel-useful.

Today, I woke up just because I felt like making french toast for the family.
(Yes, the Debbie can cook. BE AMAZED.)

Doesn't look too great but hey. As long as it tastes good.

And what do I get?
The parents don't want it. They're on a 'diet' I suppose.
The IMUSTSTUDY-sister doesn't want it. (She eats it anyway.NotbyforceIswear)
At least stick-skinny-sister appreciates it.
Okay fine, maybe I'll do it again another day.

Then IMUSTSTUDY-sister gets all cheesed off because she can't go to school.
Can you believe it?
Because she CAN'T go to school.

Why does she want to go again? To study.
Fine, go stomp through the floor, kick your books, I don't care.
It's your mess to clean.
You're still not going. =.=

Okay fine, so I feel bad that she is the way she is: UPSR's around the corner anyway.
I was nice enough to bring her her lunch.
What do I get?
Another earful of whining.


Maybe I'm better off as a not-nice-useless sister.
Excuse me. I shall go study and clean the bathroom now.

Maybe I'll be useful THEN.