Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Super Duper (Late) Forum Report!

Yes, it's a week late.
But who cares? Forum's STILL the hot topic, and guess who's gonna make you listen to it all over again? :D

Day 1

Despite the last minute packing and luggage checking, reached A&W ngam ngam at 5.30 to greet the many many familiar, excited faces... Only to have, let me call it, my Mission Get-My-Uniform, of which I left in the car, of which it's chaperones were at home by the time the call came. It resulted with me (thankfully) getting it back and two very pissed off parents. Whoops...

The one hour worth of sleep proved to be useful as most of the bus ride was spent with ears plugged to blasting music and 2 hours worth of shut eye. Before anyone knew it, we were already in Penang! (I was only disappointed that I didn't get to see us cross Penang bridge D:)

Reception at B-Suite was TERRIBLE. Deftifyingly packed and crazily hectic. Leos were EVERYWHERE and they made us change into our forum shirts that day. So many many yellow shirts... So hardy hard to keep track of everyone =.= The lunch in plastic bento boxes were... creative. Well, I liked the idea anyway.

We didn't get to do the Effective Microorganism project!! Wasn't it stupid NOT to wait for EVERYONE to be there BEFORE they arrived? I mean, only SOME Leos got to awesomely get their hands dirty with throwing mudballs to clean the river? Then why put it in our agenda, right?? Ish.

Our tour destination comprised of Little India and a closed Songkok Making Shop. Slim, our tour guide, gave us 20 minutes to do whatever we wanted instead. Which resulted with ALL of us going to a mamak stall for a drink because it was so darn hot anyway. And the guy forgot our order of ice kacang. =.= It was so NOT our lucky day.

We got a trishaw ride though! After much waiting and boring ourselves to death on the Jetty... It was fun watching people from cars stare at us. XD

Back at B-Suite after an hour's worth of traffic jam and even more extensive hours of sleep. We forced ourselves up 12 floors (some even 15) because they only provided 3 lifts. And with 19 floors and 20 rooms each, one would expect much MORE lifts, no? A good workout nevertheless. Taking turns to take baths with 5 other room mates was painstakingly long, especially with no electricity. Blah.

For Fellowship Night, I wore my tie print t-shirt, jeans and borrowed skirt and green flashy horn hairband from Zi-Lynn. I went as uh... Shrek? Green Devil Thing? Whatever you'd like to call it lah. Shereen actually rented her Superwoman costume, woah. But I couldn't stand Pearly's, Chew Wei's and Shyvonne's outfit: the POWERPUFF GIRLS ALL GROWN UP! Ugh, they were so CUTE la! Was too busy munching down on dinner to bother with the competition comotion on stage. Congrats to Goku and the Hulk though! They deserved their iPod Touch, though I very much wanted it badly. D;

The performances that night gave us our Leo Idol, Jeremy, singing our very own Leo Song! (Whatever it's called... but it included our pledge! :D) The DiGi Celebriteens and ended with our Malaysian version of Black Eyed Peas, who were, my gawrsh, pretty damned GOOD. In the mean time, the borrowed flashy headlights passed from one head to another, thankfully, wouldn't be gotten back if not for it's glaring flashiness.

Exhausted, we go back to our rooms, plopping ourselves onto the bed waiting for our turns again. And then... Poof. Out goes the lights. AGAIN. The situation was hilarious though:
We went stiff.
We all scuffled onto the bed.
A phone light goes on.
We tell each other not to panic.
And then...
We hear the boys scream.


It was fun anyway; the walk up 3 floors clad in shorts and barefooted, gossiping outside, waiting for the electricity to come back, finally sleeping at 1.30 a.m. after watching some Nip Tuck.

To be continued...!!