Friday, December 5, 2008

Leo Leadership Camp 2008

Albeit the fact that I'm down with the sexy voice (again), fascinatingly HUGE bruises, disappointingly mild tan and badly burnt back and neck, the bottom line is...


And after a good long 13 hours of sleep and recovery, am ready to tell you all about it! : D

Day 1

After a long night of packing (no joke, I stayed up until 3 packing and being jittery over camp) I finally woke up at around 6.30 - 7-ish. Only to get a call from Bern and find out that we were actually supposed to be there by 7.30 and NOT 8.


So I worry-wartedly panicked my whole journey to PJ. Thankfully, no jam. But I was the last to arrive. I felt stabbing glares from everyone, so I fleed to me fellow Assuntarians.

This journey around, however. We got lost. I myself was a bit 'sesat-ed' at the back myself, not knowing half the Taman Seas at the back, so I immigrated to the front. With all the SICK committee (I blame you ALL for getting me sick! Hah!) And then the driver starts yelling on the phone and at us. It was pretty scary.

We finally arrived at Kuala Khubu Baru. Ah, seeing the entrance got me all nostalgic again. I was pretty stocked. We left our luggage outside the Secretariat before entering as usual.

Ice-breaking was okay. We all got little green post-its for name tags (which were thankfully saved by Jia Xins' ingenious double-sided tape) and a familiar name was jotted down for me: Li Ann's. First up though, was the opening ceremony. Which dragged on and on. We then finally had Ice-Breaking. I was very interested in Li Ann's elbow guard...

Then we moved on to our first physically and mentally challenging activity: High Rope! Our facilitators were Atuk and Ahchan. I salute them. They really know what they're doing. Because of my return of acrophobia, I was kind of freaked out by the Leopard Crawl: crawling across two strings, two-storeys high and looking DOWN? Not my idea of fun.

Alas, it started raining. I was disappointed, but relieved in a way. Trust Fall was next. I'll have to admit, this time's wasn't as fun as last year's: only the BOYS got to hold the tarp. Why, cannot trust us GIRLS oso meh? I almost had my knees completely straight. Almost...!! (whaaat, us ex-campers have a face to keep, you know?) Then after, the Putat game! It's basically that game we used to play in primary school, the one with the secret number. I can proudly say I wasn't kicked out so fast. :9 During which, we also learnt the Tepuk-Tepuk Semangat. Which went along the lines of:

Tepuk-tepuuuuk Semangat!
*clap* HA!
*clap* HA!
*clap* HA!
*clap* HA HA!
( It sounded like retarded laughing. But it was cool. :D )

We headed back to the Secretariat to be divided into groups. I was sadly departed from Michi and Zi-Lynn, but I was glad to have familiar faces like Wen Yuin, Bernice, Kah Yan and Kai Seng. Our leader was Christopher and assistant, Cheryl. After long debates on various names, we finally went with my suggestion of Together-gether! (Which was, might I say much CUTER than Spartans... Ahem ahem.)

For the later Paint the Wagon project, we divided ourselves into 3 groups: the flag-people, the hat-makers and the band-wagon dudes (I say dudes 'cause well, most of them were guys anyway.) I found another artist in the making. Brian did some pretty awesome designs. I slowly coaxed him into giving me ideas (poor boy was so quiet and sesat) but he finally expressed himself. (He's one of many I am very proud of for some reason or the other. >D *pride pride* ) I can also very proudly say that our flag turned out to be quite cute!

After some 4 hour-long dratted tiring over the wagons, our dearest OC Lawrence finally decided that we could to finish our wagon the next day. (Thank you Lawrence~) I dreaded it. Painting the wagon was never really on my like list. Not after last year at least.. D;

I dragged myself to supper 'cause as always, I never had the appetite for lunch or dinner. It's strange, but I never did have one during LLC. Just like the last time. I met met Stanley, the other Michelle and another person whose name and face I can't remember... I think it was Angela. I finally learnt how to play Chor Dai Di! :D

I finally pooped out after rolling unto Wen Yuin's bed to gossip with her and Fion. We only slept at 4. I especially loved this time of the day :D

(More loooooooong posts to be continued. Got the Christmas Bazaar tomorrow... *_*)