Friday, November 28, 2008

Something's Smelling Girly...

Okay, so a lot of things went on while I was lazy to didn't blog:

Me birthday party
Family Field Trip to Malacca
Zi-Lynn's birthday party

It was pretty much okay. People met people. We watched Big Fish. Thank you mummeh for the awesome awesome pizzas, lasagna and triffle. Mmm... Zi-Lynn got her uh... Surprise? And my cousins relived my Anastasia fandom. Gah. DDR concluded hilariously. And most of all: BUCKET PEOPLE, UNITE!!

Malacca, though very much a common place to go vacation on, a field trip was. Well... Maybe not such a good idea. (Arriving home at 3.30 in the morning is not recommended, no?)
I haven't had this much fun with the siblings and parents in a long, LOOOONG time.

Let's see... We went to the Malacca Zoo (which kept a very unfamiliar and horrendously petrifying exhibit.), Jonker's Street, the Eye of Malaysia, a boat cruise and a mini amusement park.

I think I'm scarred for life thanks to the Malacca Zoo, the Eye of Malaysia just lengthened my acrophobia to new heights (literally) and the trampoline adventure in the middle of the night gave me leg cramps for the following two nights.

Thanks Malacca.

But I'm satisfied.
Because I was allowed to whole hoard of souvenirs (yes kiddies, you're getting something from me. ... Well. A few of you anyway.) and get my long awaited shirt from OrangUtan! Huzzah!

Albeit the fact that only 2 people showed up for Zi-Lynn's party... We had fun, no? I demand ye hold more DDR tournaments at your house, Zi-Lynn MORE!! Hope you like your present :)

LLC is finally just around the corner! It's TOMORROW!!
Gawrsh, I'm ecstatic yes, but... I have so many things to DO!!

I only managed to get a new swimsuit which is... Not good.

Considering I only have today to get the rest of my luggage packed up and readied to go and that I still haven't gotten the slightest idea for souvenirs.



Okay, before I go gawking over what I haven't gotten done and prepared, I shall leave you with something I concocted sometime along this hour last night:

Don't look!
The PINK! It blinds!

I think it's a sign:
A sign that I'm succumbing to girly guilty pleasures. (or that sleeping at 4 in the morning makes you girly.)

...Oh dear.

P.S. I owe the blogskin all to Zi-Lynn. Thank you for letting me use it and help me configure it! My computing skills fail. ;_;

P.P.S. I'll be doing your tag later Victoria, I swear!