Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Never a Break.

Exams are DONE!

At. Long. Last.

But just as my cranky, lazy, want not attitude revives itself once more...
Co-curicullar activities come back to haunt me.

I really want need my peace.

We went to that nuclear plant today, the 4A2s and 4A1s.

Education. Boring education.


Better yet, I thought the best part of the whole trip was the hour-long ride to and fro on the bus.
Ah, the advantages of having a good book and a friend's MP3.
Marilyn Manson seems to have caught my infatuation. :)

At least, salvaging Michi from her torrents of vomit and migraines kept Zi-Lynn and I busy.
Really. 4A2's just horrendous for it's noise pollution.

Geez, this really is a bad habit.
Better hit the hay to brace myself for more Halloween party decorations and/or ELDS mural paintings.