Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting the Hang of It?

Of the smell of kerosene-like fabric paints hanging in the air, of responsibility, of deligation, of duties, of prioritizing, of PARTY ORGANIZING?

I really hope so.

Lately, it's been too good to be true. It's odd enough that work has finally stopped pilling up, I'm finally going to sleep earlier than usual and I'm actually starting to have free time.

I can't trust myself at times like these. I never do.
There's always
A catch.
I just can't place my finger on what it is... It worries me.

My inspiration streak has deserted me. I am at lost. I need the feel of my pencil running over those smooth papers again, creating even more wonders I can be proud of... It frustrates me.

Smothering the keyboard with brownie residue was fun though. A cookie to those who figure out what I'm bringing tomorrow-- Or rather. Later today.

The ELDS party WILL be a BLAST tomorrow! I promise!

Yes, I am a very confused child, and I know it. :)


Abuela said...

It was a blast. See? you're getting a grip on things.Next thing we know, you'll be the new Huda! But then again... it'd be nice if you could stay like debbie...just for a little while longer. :-)